[Freeswitch-dev] mod_mono Build

David Brazier David.Brazier at 360crm.co.uk
Thu Sep 4 09:23:37 EDT 2008


I have made a number of fixes and additions to mod_mono/mod_mono_managed so that:
- It builds on Linux (non-managed and managed parts)
- It works when FreeSWITCH is embedded in a Mono program.

I'd like to submit these changes to the project - how would I do that?  Raise a Jira item?

The versioning of the SWIG-generated files (mod_mono/freeswitch_wrap.cxx and mod_mono_managed/swig/*.cs) is problematic - since mod_mono managed attempts to wrap the entire core FreeSWITCH library, when the library functions change, then the mod_mono SWIG should be run again.  Otherwise, mod_mono may try to call functions that have changed their interface (though perhaps that is rare).  So it would be ideal if the SWIG stage were just part of the FreeSWITCH build.  Is it safe to assume that SWIG is available when building FreeSWITCH?  Perhaps it is is used in other modules?



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