[Freeswitch-dev] USB FXO/FXS/Blue/DECT

zakharov at ca.inter.net zakharov at ca.inter.net
Tue Nov 25 13:06:34 PST 2008

Good day, everyone!
We (me and my friend) are developing very simple but very functional  
USB based FXS, FXO and Blue (cell phone channel) and possibly DECT  
dongles. At first idea was to make them compatible with  
Asterisk/Trixbox, but after talking to other potential users I  
realized that many of them would like to be able to use their existant  
Windows platforms - not like we don't want or don't like Linux based  
PBX (as matter of fact I as firmware developer don't care much which  
system will be used with proposed dongles). After looking around for  
possible solutions I run into your creation and after very brief look  
I liked it. Do you have well defined API (or are planning to have) to  
analog (not IP based) hardware? Our plan is to use composite USB  
device with Audio and HID descriptors. All our dongles will be  
presented via this interface. The question is that I would like to use  
more generalized logical API rather then expose hardware registers on  
a host driver level (like Zaptel/Dahdi does with Si3210 or Si3050  
based FXO/FXS cards) including SPI and PCM configuration. Any  
suggestions? We are willing to contribute to FreeSwitch code base and  
make our dongles compatible with it. If you are interested then please  
reply to : zakharov at ca.inter.net
On a side note - it's very hard to figure out if your development is  
"alive", even though I think I saw few files in the repository that  
were modified recently. How many people are behind the project?
Best regards, Alexander

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