[Freeswitch-dev] Lag in timestamps reported by FreeSWITCH

Juan Jose Comellas juanjo at comellas.org
Tue Nov 18 11:11:40 PST 2008

I've noticed that if FreeSWITCH (r10423) is left running for several
hours (1 day in my case), the timestamps reported in log messages and
events sent through mod_event_socket start lagging against the time
reported by the server where FreeSWITCH runs. After 1 day, the time in
FS was 3 minutes less than the time of the server. We are running ntp
on the server, so the time is constantly updated to make sure that it
stays correct.

What's special about our setup is that all the dialplans are received
via mod_xml_curl and that we use mod_event_socket a lot. Has anybody
else experienced this problem?

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