[Freeswitch-dev] mod-java - playAndGetDigits() prototype change

damjan at ecntelecoms.com damjan at ecntelecoms.com
Thu May 29 01:17:38 EDT 2008

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You can't retrieve the DTMF digits as it is. I had a specific override for
playAndGetDigits (and one other function) in the swig stuff, which
obviously got taken out somehow (I was matching on the parameter name,
which has probably changed).

Try "make reswig", "make clean", "make" (I think - read the Makefile),
otherwise please give me a chance until this weekend to rewrite mod_java.


> I was encountering some strange behavior in my IVR script.  What I finally
> tracked it down to is that the prototype on the playAndGetDigits() method
> has changed.  The previous prototype was of the form playAndGetDigits(int,
> int, int, int, String, String, byte[], String) and the new prototype is
> playAndGetDigits(int, int, int, int, String, String, String, String).  The
> byte array parameter has been removed and this was the parameter that
> returned the DTMF digits.  With this parameter removed, how do I retrieve
> the DTMF digits?
> Jonathan
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