[Freeswitch-dev] Sofia-SIP for SIP trunking

Jim Thomas jimthomasembedded at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 14:18:56 EDT 2008

Could you elaborate a little on what led to your selection of Sofia-SIP for SIP trunking in FreeSwitch?
What did you like about Sofia-SIP?  What didn't you like about the alternatives?
Do you know of any online comparison of features, strengths and weaknesses, for the several SIP stack alternatives?

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Well it was the 5th SIP stack we tried including all the other ones on your list and we have some people doing 400+ calls per second so it's probably a good choice.

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Is Sofia-SIP a good choice to add SIP trunking support to a PBX?

Are there any known limitations or weaknesses relative to alternatives such as sipX, reSIProcate, etc?

Is SIP trunking based on Sofia-SIP interoperable with a broad range of SIP trunking service providers?



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