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RJ Auburn rj at voxeo.com
Tue May 13 11:01:06 EDT 2008


Sorry for the off topic posting but I wanted to post this here to see  
if anyone might be a good fit for a position we are looking to hire.

Voxeo currently has an opening for a senior linux engineer to take  
point in finishing up and owning the linux/osx version of Voxeo's SIP  
based Prophecy platform. We are looking for someone who has experience  
porting a large projects with many 3rd party libraries and understands  
how to implement real time services under linux.

The full job description is posted below. If you are interested or  
know someone who might be please e-mail us at jobs at voxeo.com or myself  
directly at rj at voxeo.com and please put down that you saw the posting  
on the freeswitch mailing list.

Best regards,


RJ Auburn
CTO, Voxeo Corporation


Challenging work at an open-culture, profitable, pre-IPO, cutting-edge  
technology company in downtown Orlando.

• Are you the go-to person for your company’s most challenging issues?

• Do you love to "teach a man to fish" and take time to teach others  
how to use technology and solve its problems?

• Do you get frustrated by bureaucracy that keeps you from getting  
work done and making customers happy?

• If so we should talk. We’re building a world class company and need  
more people like you.

Company Background

Voxeo’s mission is to make it easy for anyone to create and deploy  
voice applications that can run on any home, mobile, office, or VoIP  
phone. Leading analyst firm Gartner says Voxeo is part of a select  
group of companies that “will have a business impact on the future of  
IT”. Voxeo is a profitable, pre-IPO, international, employee-owned,  
Internet software company. Our technology is at the cutting edge of  
Voice over IP (VoIP) and web 2.0 applications, standards, and mashups.

We want to revolutionize the telephone industry and are doing so every  
day. We run the world’s largest voice application developer community  
(over 30,000 members to date) and have hundreds of enterprise  
customers in fields including telecom, consumer services, healthcare,  
retail, government, and more.

At Voxeo we focus on building a team of incredible people and making  
our customers extremely happy. We work hard, but we believe in  
balance. We have numerous perks and benefits, including the best  
health insurance in Florida, incentive stock options, free snacks and  
drinks, an employee football team, catered lunch on Fridays, and poker  
and movie nights.

Voxeo employees work in our 100% cubicle-free open-environment office  
on the 20th floor of The Plaza – downtown Orlando’s newest office  
building. Our culture is just as open as our office. Voxeo employees  
are encouraged to ask for help from and offer help to anyone at any  
time. Our culture comes from our roots in Silicon Valley, where many  
of us helped start and build companies including Netscape, Yahoo!,  
TellMe, and OpenWave.

Voxeo is built on a spirit of entrepreneurship. Many of our employees  
have previously founded other successful tech companies, and you will  
work directly with Voxeo’s co-founders on a daily basis.

Job Description

Voxeo is looking for a seasoned Linux Systems Engineer with  
exceptional C/C++ development skills to spearhead Voxeo's Linux and  
Mac OS X (FreeBSD) development projects. This is an exciting  
opportunity to get in on the ground floor of efforts to bring our  
Prophecy SIP Platform to enterprise Linux and Mac OS X. Ideal  
candidates will have a passion for quickly crafting elegant solutions  
that meet evolving business requirements. In this challenging position  
you will be responsible for:

· Designing, implementing, and maintaining software targeting the  
Linux OS.

· Implementing software in C/C++ using a variety of development tools  
and platforms that will change over time.

· Designing, developing, and debugging software supporting a unified  
communication platform.

· Developing unit tests and performing unit and integration testing.

· Enthusiastically helping the Customer Engineering team as they  
troubleshoot customer issues.

· Assisting in the production of engineering documentation for both  
internal and external audiences.

· Adopting agile development methodologies and participating with team  
members in the planning and review of projects.

· Researching and sharing new technologies and development tools to  
keep the team abreast of current technology.


· Strong understanding of object oriented software development.

· Recent hands-on experience designing, implementing, and optimizing  
real-time, networked, streaming media applications for Linux or Mac OS  

· Expert level proficiency authoring high-availability distributed C/C+ 
+ applications for Linux.

· Familiarity with core Linux system APIs for networking (UDP & TCP  
sockets), process control, threading, and synchronization.

· Hands-on experience building, deploying, and configuring Linux  
applications within a data-center context.

· Demonstrable verbal and written technical communication skills.  
Candidates must be able to quickly and accurately communicate ideas at  
a whiteboard, in a chat, over IM, or in an email. Voxeons are a well- 
connected group!

· Excellent analytical, problem solving, project/time management, and  
quality assurance skills.

· Must have good interpersonal skills and be able to establish and  
maintain effective professional working relationships.

· Ability to succeed in a fast-paced office environment where teamwork  
and multi-tasking are a must.


· Development experience on CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

· Familiarity with VoIP protocols (SIP, RTP, MRCP, etc.) and speech  
recognition or text-to-speech systems.

· Proficiency with telecommunications and/or telephony XML languages  
such as VoiceXML, CCXML, or CallXML.

· Strong grasp of Java and JavaEE technologies such as Servlets and JMS.

· Audio/video background with experience developing or using plugins,  
codecs, or soft-DSP filters.

· Embedded Linux device driver and kernel module coding, debugging  
experience preferred.

· Participation in community, open source, and standards based  
development projects.

· Experienced developing cross-platform networked software -  
especially for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.

Candidates will be asked to submit a sample of their code.


100% company-paid health, vision, dental, and short-term disability  

Incentive Stock Options and bonus plan

New MacBook Pro notebook. No old Dell-hand-me-downs here.

New Verizon Blackberry 8830 phone. (We’d use iPhones… but not until  
Apple supports open app dev and carrier unlocking is always guaranteed  
to work.)

Three minute walk to popular downtown restaurants, bars, and a brand- 
new 12 screen movie theatre

Free parking at our downtown Orlando office

Challenging work and significant career growth at Orlando’s fastest  
growing tech company

The opportunity to revolutionize how people use and create  
applications for any phone

Free education and certification in highly desired technologies such  
as VoIP and VoiceXML

Work directly with top experts in SIP VoIP technology and W3C web  

You can learn more about Voxeo by checking out:

Our corporate site – www.voxeo.com
Our developer site – evolution.voxeo.com
Our Flickr page – www.flickr.com/photos/voxeo


Then please, contact us by emailing [Click Here to Email Your Resumé].  
Be sure to note the position title that you are applying for.

We asked all of our employees what they thought we should mention in  
our job postings. Here’s some of what they had to say:

“This company would be a hot commodity in Silicon Valley, but having  
an opportunity to work for a company like this in Orlando is rare and  
a huge thing for folks who don't want to have to move out of state.”

“I applied for a job here, but definitely got more than I bargained  
for, I found a place I can call home.”

“The item that really hooked me in my job interview is the health  
benefits. That's a huge difference in Voxeo compared to other firms.”

“One of the great points about working at Voxeo is the opportunity to  
work and learn directly with the company's top engineers and  

“Corporate culture is one of the perks that has kept us from being a  
‘turn and burn’ company … a large factor in our hiring process is a  
good culture fit, we would be remiss if we didn't stress the fact that  
we are looking for cool people to work with.”

“I think you should say that Voxeo provides all of the tools that  
allow you to perform the challenging work, including telephone, laptop  
and the software you need to excel at any position.”

“To a lot of people in IT right now, the ‘MacBook Pro’ has become the  
‘hot’ laptop to have and most people will never dream of getting one  
because they are stuck in a space where all they will ever see are  
Dell laptops of various vintages.”

“The great thing here is the opportunity to learn. The chance to  
increase your skill set exponentially in a cutting edge field and to  
feel truly needed and satisfied at the end of the day. Hard to  
quantify that sort of job experience but it is invaluable.”

“I think a key point that we are trying to capture is that everyone at  
Voxeo works hard but we love what are working on. I think if there is  
some way to put down that the entire company loves what they are doing  
and you don’t have dead wood around is a nice thing.”

“Speaking as a relative Voxeonoob, the office was a definite selling  
point in coming here. The view and top-floor-prestige aside, you can't  
understate the importance of clean bathrooms.”

“We definitely have a fun and fabulous group of people.”

“Everyone that works here has such a great personality and makes you  
feel right at home. The employees at Voxeo are accountable and  
extremely intellectual individuals, but they also know how to enjoy  
the day and laugh at the lighter side of things.”

“I think the 'can do' culture should be in there, every employee is  
empowered to help the customer and to create a better solution.”

“The fact that the company and some of the people are Silicon Valley  
transplants has a certain appeal. We should consider mentioning that.”

“For me, the best part about working at Voxeo is our team family, and  
the culture of voxeo. We are intensely technical, and we work very  
hard, and we don't take it all too seriously.”

“I think Voxeo is a rarity for the Florida market. Opportunities to  
work with a successful, high-tech, industry-leading company are few  
and far between in this area.”

“One of the most attractive benefits for many people is our 100%  
company paid health insurance. That benefit alone can be the deal  
breaker for a potential employee. I would put that at the top of the  
benefits list.”

“One of the best things about being a Voxeon is that you have access  
to the highest level of management in an open and laid back setting.  
Often times people care more about who they work worth and enjoying  
coming to work each day then pay, benefits, etc.”

“I like the ‘Teach a man to fish’ reference. I would find a way to  
emphasize that management is just as involved in the technology as the  
employees are.”

“I think the all-hands and quarterly financial meetings are something  
that not all companies offer, and are seen as a benefit to many as  
they expose the insides of the company, show that Voxeo is very open  
about the state of the company, and allow the employees to participate  
in discussions that affect the company on the whole. “

“The fact that you (the CEO) are asking us (the employees) for input  
on this job posting should somehow be conveyed in there as well. And  
it's not just the job posting, you send out things like this all of  
the time, showing how much you value all of our input.”

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