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Okay, excellent.  If your server is not in production right now then you
can always do "make current" to get yourself 100% updated.  I did forget
one important question: what environment are you in? What OS and what
kind of hardware?  (All my references here assume a normal Linux


At this point we'll need the experts to weigh in.  Your needs are
specific enough in scenarios 1 and 3 that you'll probably want to
consult the FS developers.  As for scenario 2, that doesn't sound
particularly difficult to me.  To recap:


Scenario 2

1.	one SIP user created on freeswiotch which we can use to make
test calls to the Gateways(vendors) we add to the switch for the testing
2.	 that SIP user should be able to call any existing
vendors/gateways for different destinations and also new one we will add
in future so I think this one will have different dialplan. 

You can always copy one of the default extensions in
/usr/local/freeswitch/conf/directory/default/*xml files, like 1000.xml.
Also, check out brian.xml for learning purposes - he's got all sorts of
weird and interesting stuff in there.  (I'm still learning SIP/VoIP so I
listen very closely to anthm, bkw, and mikej on the irc channel.)


I'm not sure where to begin setting up the gateways, so probably you'll
want to get on the irc channel and get help getting one set up (if you
haven't done so already) and then use that as a template for getting the
rest set up.


As for CDRs you have several choices.  If you just want a plain CSV,
kinda like how Asterisk does it, then you want to make sure to load
module mod_cdr_csv.  If you want to check out XML-based CDRs then make
sure to load mod_xml_cdr.  You can have them both installed at the same
time.  All those CDRs get dropped into /usr/local/freeswitch/log/cdr-csv
or /usr/local/freeswitch/log/xml_cdr.  I've not done it my self, but you
can even do some crazy xml_rpc stuff and post your CDRs to another
server.  In your freeswitch source directory check out
scripts/contrib/trixter/xml-cdr for a taste of what is possible here.


Sorry I couldn't help more, but hopefully this will get you moving in
the right direction.  The community will help, I'm sure.  Definitely
support the fs devs and they'll take great care of you. 







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#1 - Is your test server up and running right now?  
--> tets server is up and running but its on Private IP. 
#2 - Are you running with the default configs?
--> we are running with default configured, configured wikipbx earlier 
   with freeswitch but removed later when we found it can not help us

    with what we want.
#3 - Have you made any changes or additions to the default configs?
*** we have made few changes to make things working and did stuff here 
   and there but nothing removed, and almost everything is same except

   added some more files. 
#4 - What revision are you on?
--> we use SVN so I guess it will be the latest one. 
Let's get those nailed down first and then we'll take it from there.


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