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Yogesh Patel yogesh at yoipcarriers.com
Mon Mar 17 14:05:02 EDT 2008

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Here what we want to do with the switch. 
Our scenario is like few wholesale carrier will sendus traffic for different destinations, which we will be sending to thedifferent vendors. So we were using as our live switch to testfreeswitch. 
 So we need to understand howfreeswitch is terming following things and where do it makes them so we cankeep adding more customers and vendors. Once it starts working for us.
Scenario 1
	customer name “Allianz” will be sending call to us from IP presently we can configure this customer as a SIP but we also want to do h323 there. (we don’t authenticate any customer for user/pass, they only come with IP and prefix)
	they will send a call to us for destinations like India(91) and Egypt(20) so we have to create appropriate dialplan for them.
	for India(91) calls should go to indiavendor1 on ip address as a 1st preference and once that is fill it sld go to indiavendor2 on IP address
	calls for Egypt proper (20) and Egypt Mobile(201) should go to Egyptvendor1. 
Scenario 2
	one SIP user created on freeswiotch which we can use to make test calls to the Gateways(vendors) we add to the switch for the testing purpose. 
	 that SIP user should be able to call any existing vendors/gateways for different destinations and also new one we will add in future so I think this one will have different dialplan. 
Scenario 3
1.  where do we have to create SIP users which we can give it to retail customersfor  them to cone in any ip, means they have to have user/pass and ipprovided by us to let them register in our system and once done they can make acall out
NOTE: where it will dump CDR for all above calls ?

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