[Freeswitch-dev] OZ Question: zap_span_find()

Anthony Minessale anthmct at yahoo.com
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Assuming the typo in the example was an accident.
(span not my_span_pointer declared on the first line)

zap_span_t *my_span_pointer = NULL;
 uint32_t span_id = 1;
zap_status_t result;

 result = zap_span_find(span_id, &my_span_pointer);

if it returns ZAP_SUCCESS, that indicates that the desired span exists, is in use and that the pointer will now point to it.
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Does this function do what I think it does?  If I give it a
span number to look for, it returns ZAP_SUCCESS if it finds the span and it
sets the value of the pointer variable that I call it with?
 Example, what happens if I do this, assuming span 1 is a
real span?
 zap_span_t *span = NULL;
 uint32_t span_id = 1;
 result = zap_span_find(span_id, &my_span_pointer);
 Does *my_span_pointer now point to span 1?  Any caveats that
I should be aware of?

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