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Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. :)

I think you are correct with the fact that some prompts will not translate
easily from one language to another. Fortunately, the FS phrase management
system will allow the IVR developer to customize things as needed. I'd say
that you can translate things that are obvious and then possibly you can
suggest some things to fill in, perhaps words or phrases that are common in
French IVR systems yet have no counterpart in English IVRs.

In the context of these IVR prompts here's what we've got:
"transfer" is a verb
"call" is a noun

In cases where the plural and singular are the same word I recommend having
them both in the phrase file but have them point to the same wav file.

Thanks for the note on the regional differences. I only learned about
"soixante-dix" and never "septante" although I kinda like the sound of
"septante"! :)


On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 8:43 PM, Stéphane Alnet <stephane at shimaore.net>wrote:

> >>> The english sounds are listed in docs/phrases, there is a file in
> >>> there for
> >>> french, but it probably needs updated translations.
> >> I can take care of it. Is there a JIRA I need to reference for this?
> > New ticket: FSSCRIPTS-11
> I need one clarification: in the "misc" series, is "transfer"
> (transfer2.wav) used as a verb or noun?
> [Sorry for the large diffusion for the notes below, I'm not sure who's
> maintaining phrase_en.xml.]
> Some comments for future revisions (and new languages):
> - It would be useful to include intended usage in the english file to
> help with translation. For example "negative" can be pronounced (in
> French) as "négatif" or "négative" depending on the noun used with it.
> I assume other languages will have similar issues with words which
> don't cause problems in French (for example the adjective "selected"
> can be translated as four different written forms, but they are all
> pronounced the same way).
> - Since isolated English words can be ambiguous and could be used by
> designers as different roles (e.g. "call" can be a noun and part of a
> verb), it's probably better to build snippets of sentences rather than
> single words (for example "to call" -> "pour appeler" vs "your call"
> -> "votre appel").
> - I can't think of a way to translate the single word "not" in French.
> (Typically you'd have to change the structure of the sentence to
> achieve the result.)
>  - "hour", "hours", and "oclock" end up being the same sound in
> French. Same with "minute" and "minutes", "second" and "seconds".
> "message" and "messages", .. Not sure how to mark this (or whether it
> matters -- for example to estimate the cost of recording a language?).
> -  For what it's worth, the "fr" file is probably valid for fr_FR and
> fr_CA, but not for fr_BE and fr_CH because of some regional
> differences (e.g. "soixante-dix" vs "septante" for 70).
> - Similarly, I noticed the German translation used "euros" for
> "dollars.wav"; whether we're building a file for fr_CA or fr_FR would
> influence what the content should be. (I'm assuming fr_CA for now and
> will leave cents and dollars.)
> S.
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