[Freeswitch-dev] apr_ vs. switch_ namespace questions

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Fri Nov 9 02:01:43 EST 2007



bkw gave me some homework and now I have a few questions.  I notice that
in switch-types.h there are all sorts of typedef struct statements that
create a switch_ version of the corresponding apr_ type.  However, I've
also noticed that scattered throughout the source that there are
numerous occasions where the apr_ namespace is used even when there is a
switch_ equivalent available.  Example: using apr_pool_t instead of
switch_memory_pool_t in mod_openmrcp.c.


Questions:  Is it FS standard policy/best practices always to use the
switch_ namespace?  Are there legitimate situations where one would
prefer apr_ instead of switch_?





P.S. - If there are cases where apr_ is used when there are switch_
equivalents, does that mean there is an impending codebase cleanup
project to make everything consistent?

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