[Freeswitch-dev] performance tuning

trixter aka Bret McDanel trixternospam at 0xdecafbad.com
Sat Dec 8 09:53:31 EST 2007

I am wanting to do some performance tuning and wanted to enlist the help
of others but would request that we do this in a coordinated way so that
we dont duplicate effort and end up basically spending time on all the
same sections of the code.

I have been fighting gprof today which does not do multithreaded apps (I
have tried some hacks to make it work, that failed).  I gave up when I
discovered that intel has vtune free for non-commercial work.  Read the
license carefully technically if you are paid by your employer to work
on FS then you dont qualify (but can still get an eval copy).  

Vtune can visually display code paths and other goodies.  

I am going to be working on the core, sofia, curl, odbc (only as it
relates to sofia).  I have a plan for how to do this in segments so that
it should end up with a fairly good result if anything can be tuned.  

What I would really like though is people to try to deal with
applications, mod_conference and mod_voicemail come to mind fairly
quickly, both of which are 'native modules' meaning all the
functionality is actually in the core.  So that would be core stuff too.
Codecs are another big area that should be looked at since they are
things very commonly used (who only does l16?)

Any takers?  

If you dont know, a profiler generally only tells you 'this is called a
bunch look there'.  So generally it wont tell you how to change stuff,
although it claims "Easy access to compiler generated tuning advice"
which implies that it will spell out code (but its language
independent?!) that should optimize better.

vtune claims that its compiler and language independent, so it *should*
work with either suns compiler or gcc.  

You dont have to use vtune, that is just what I am going to use in
linux.  I havent fully downloaded it yet so I really cant say if it even
works (you may want to ./configure --enable-debug if -g isnt enabled by

Vtune is 500M and their flash demo is a 20M downloadable .exe (why if
its flash is it a .exe?  why not just a flv?  artards).
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