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These licensing incompatibilities seem to be a big obstacle, because open
source project selection is not based on quality, but on license type.


For some, MPL is important, but for the most of us, I guess, MPL or GPL
makes no difference.


I had the same idea as Wasim's to start a new subproject FreeSwitch Modules
(Addons, Extras, etc), which could be GPL. The core and as much modules as
possible will still be MPL. It feels wrong that there's some good open
source stuff out there (for example, FreeRadius), which we can't integrate
with, just because of the licensing!


Nikolay Kolev


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perhaps we should have something like freeswitch-addons for items that are
(pending) license or other issues ?


On 9/10/06, Brian Fertig < brian at attdv.com> wrote:

Well the interpreter is built and fully functioning w/ error checking. 
I am just waiting back for the license
ok before including it in trunk.  I would merge it now but I dont want
to have licensing woe's
come back on myself or the Freeswitch project.  Once I get a definitive
answer that we are good to
go I will be posting its in the trunk.


PS.  I wrote a good bit of the PHPAGI stuff for asterisk  :)

AmberVoIP wrote:
> Incorrect comparing.
> Ruby at Asterisk is not in development and i did not see new code. Seems 
> that is is not live project.
> In asterisk Ruby have one advantage - it is FastAGI and cannot be
> executed as AGI or DeadAGI - so, we won against perl/php scripts (if
> they are not FastAGI). We also won on code, since FastAGI is multithread 
> and have to do some work to make well working multithread FastAGI code
> with perl.
> I now studing Ruby, but for my applications on Asterisk i use perl. Two
> reasons - for perl/php can find examples and code snipets, also i 
> working not alone and most programmers understand perl / php code and
> dont understand Ruby :)
> Anyway, i vote for ruby at freeswitch and hope it will be included soon.
> Andy.
>> Amon Ghupta wrote:
>>> I agree with Sergey, Ruby will make radically simple for any one to
>>> develop adds/dial plans.
>>> Here are others that already decided to put their project on the right 
>>> "track" by using Ruby on Rails.
>>> http://rubyforge.org/projects/ragi/
>>> http://openseradmin.sourceforge.net/docs.php 
>>> -A
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