[Freeswitch-dev] Freeswitch now has Python Support - Ruby better

Brian Fertig brian at attdv.com
Sun Sep 10 01:31:38 EDT 2006

Well the interpreter is built and fully functioning w/ error checking. 
I am just waiting back for the license
ok before including it in trunk.  I would merge it now but I dont want
to have licensing woe's
come back on myself or the Freeswitch project.  Once I get a definitive
answer that we are good to
go I will be posting its in the trunk.


PS.  I wrote a good bit of the PHPAGI stuff for asterisk  :)

AmberVoIP wrote:
> Incorrect comparing.
> Ruby at Asterisk is not in development and i did not see new code. Seems
> that is is not live project.
> In asterisk Ruby have one advantage - it is FastAGI and cannot be
> executed as AGI or DeadAGI - so, we won against perl/php scripts (if
> they are not FastAGI). We also won on code, since FastAGI is multithread
> and have to do some work to make well working multithread FastAGI code
> with perl.
> I now studing Ruby, but for my applications on Asterisk i use perl. Two
> reasons - for perl/php can find examples and code snipets, also i
> working not alone and most programmers understand perl / php code and
> dont understand Ruby :)
> Anyway, i vote for ruby at freeswitch and hope it will be included soon.
> Andy.
>> Amon Ghupta wrote:
>>> I agree with Sergey, Ruby will make radically simple for any one to
>>> develop adds/dial plans.
>>> Here are others that already decided to put their project on the right
>>> "track" by using Ruby on Rails.
>>> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/etel/2005/12/19/hacking-in-asterisk-and-rails.html
>>> http://rubyforge.org/projects/ragi/
>>> http://openseradmin.sourceforge.net/docs.php
>>> -A
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