[Freeswitch-dev] Questions regarding the architecture

Brian West brian.west at mac.com
Thu Sep 7 15:44:14 EDT 2006

On Sep 7, 2006, at 2:26 PM, Alex Guan wrote:

> Anthony,
> Great answers indeed.  Thanks a lot!  Is there a documentation  
> system that I can save it to ... like a wiki?  These information  
> are too valuable to be buried in the mail archive.

We have trac.freeswitch.org or voip-info.org (I think we prefer it  
being on trac)
> It took me a while but I think I have come to agreement for pretty  
> much every point you made, except one.  The only thing I felt  
> suspicious is the busy waiting in which the originator polls  
> check_channel_status() a million times after the originatee starts  
> ringing but before it answers.   Can't we wait for a mutex or  
> condition waken up by CALL_ANSWERED?  Imagine if you have a  
> thousand incoming calls, there will be 1000 while loops spinning  
> the processor.

Anthony will need to answer this one.  ;)

> Another issue I noticed is that hold/resume is not working  
> properly.  There was no 200OK for the re-INVITE.  I tried to debug  
> further but somehow couldn't get into mod_exosip.c using gdb.  (DDD  
> and Eclipse behaved the same.  Does anybody have the same issue?)   
> I kind of guess the issue is what kind of SDP is the SIP phone  
> sending for hold.  The old way is to set an all zero O field, as  
> opposed to SENDONLY or INACTIVE.  Anyways, if mod_exopsip.c is  
> going way, we should probably just wait for mod_sofia.

We still have work to do on sofia-sip to bring it up to speed with  
all the features we want.

> Two more basic questions:
> 1. Licensing.  A main problem I saw with Asterisk is it's GPL/ 
> Digium dual licensing scheme.  I don't see any serious business  
> development could be possible under this license.  I think Mark and  
> his company have made a big mistake on this subject.  (And their  
> business model as well.)  What's the main rationale for you/other  
> founders to choose MPL?  Do you favour/oppose to commercial  
> development using freeswitch in their proprietary systems?

The MPL allows you to commercialize the code.  But Anthony can  
elaborate on this subject more than I can.  I don't want to speak on  
his behalf.

> 2. Memory usage.  I am seeing freeswitch using 25M bytes of memory  
> with just one basic SIP call.  It's a little surprising.  Should I  
> turn on the -Os to see if we can save some space?
> 25295 root       0 -20 27040  25m 3696 S    0  2.5   0:00.12 lt- 
> freeswitch

You can try it out and see.  Also look at what modules you load.   
When I start freeswitch up on my mac I use 6 or 7 megs of ram.

> Thanks,
> Alex
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