[Freeswitch-dev] Skype integration in FreeSwitch

Sergey Kuznetsov freeswitch at deeptown.org
Thu Oct 5 22:36:34 EDT 2006

I have somewhere in my bookmarks a link to a PDF file from the blackhat 
conference presentation of reverse engineering of Skype protocol.

It was done about a year or so ago.

PS: Found it:


All the Best!

Nikolay Kolev wrote:
> Guys, recently there are two projects integrating Skype with Asterisk 
> & SIP (http://www.rsdevs.com/ and also http://www.chanskype.com/). 
> They are all paywarez. I know, I know – doing it their way sucks, but 
> at the point there’s no other way (even though the Chinese claim to 
> have already reverse-engineered the Skype protocol – 
> http://www.voipwiki.com/blog/?p=31). There’s one IVR product 
> (http://www.callbutler.com/) that also just added Skype support. 
> VoxLib.com (even if I couldn’t make it work) also does it. The old 
> mate NCH also does it now - http://www.nch.com.au/skypetosip/index.html.
> I think it could be very cool even from pure marketing point of view 
> to implement something like this in FreeSwitch.
> BTW, ChanSkype claims support for 30 channels and probably even more.
> Nikolay Kolev
> kolev @ #freeswitch
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