[Freeswitch-dev] Integration of external libraries into FreeSwitch

Roman Shaposhnik rvs at sun.com
Thu Oct 5 00:07:10 EDT 2006


since I haven't got any major feedback on my suggestion
of privatizing external libraries FreeSwitch depends
upon I guess its time for me to give a practical example
of how I would like FreeSwitch to be structured.
Lets take libresample-0.1.3 as the simplest case (the meat
of it is just 3 files: filterkit.c, resample.c, resamplesubs.c;
the rest is precisely the fluff I'd like to get rid of):

Anyway, here's what I would like to see in FreeSwitch's SVN

ORIGIN (or README) file would describe where the library came
from an what is the procedure for manually sync'ing up with
the upstream development version (if needed).

Makefile.[in|am] would mostly be from the original project
(which means most of the time it would a trivial one) feeding
off a *single* configure run. We can even introduce specific 
targets into it so that it does "export" public API header files
and object files into a predetermined location for ease of 
future linking:
so that -I and -L have to point to a single location only (but still
withing our build area which means no messy make install's!).

    * much greater control over how we build external libraries,
      which includes ease of using performance related options,
      building libraries as archives, etc.
    * much greater control over source code of the the external
      libraries (don't have to depend on maintainers to push
      changes we need ASAP).
    * everything is in SVN  
    * single ./configure run
    * no messy make installs screwing up the place where --prefix
      points to
    * no LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LD_RUN_PATH mess to deal with

    * everytime we actually need something from the upstream
      version it would have to be manually sync'ed up with the
      FreeSwitch SVN (hence ORIGIN|README).

And finally -- as far as Anthony's coding speed  is concerned it 
should be pretty transparent ;-), so what do you all think ?


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