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Mike Jerris mike at freeswitch.org
Wed Mar 23 16:19:42 UTC 2022

To the contrary we moved FreeSWITCH from our proprietary hosting TO GitHub.  The founding team of FreeSWITCH started SignalWire and as a result we are now commercially sound enough to put even more resources into FreeSWITCH than before.  We’ve expanded our team of full time people who work to improve FreeSWITCH on a daily basis and have put multiple man years of work into code quality, ci, testing, and reliability of the codebase.  As stated elsewhere, the reasons for this change:

Q: What is prompting this change?
A: We’re making this change for several reasons:
So the team that created and maintains FreeSWITCH can better understand and communicate with our community.
So we can take what we learn and improve both FreeSWITCH and SignalWire.
So we can ensure that FreeSWITCH aligns with new security and regulatory requirements.
So you can be confident that the packages you’re running in your stack come directly from us.
So packages are much less likely to have been secretly modified by a malicious actor.
So we can be sure that we’re not directly facilitating illegal use cases.

It also has allowed us to clean up a mess of old infrastructure that was expensive and difficult to maintain, and to get a better handle on abuse of the repositories, which until this change had an entire data center network pipe pegged 100% by people who were abusing the resources.  We are working hard to provide better resources for our open source partners. There is no move to make FreeSWITCH closed.

- Anthony, Brian and Mike

> On Mar 18, 2022, at 3:22 PM, TTT <lists at telium.io> wrote:
> I’m reminded of how several years ago Schmooze/Sangoma turned the open source FreePBX project into a closed source commercial product.  The source code was moved onto their own website, with updated only available on their own hosted source code.  Soon new features were only available in source controlled by Schmooze/Sangoma on their site, and that source soon became closed.  Add-ons were soon switched to only work with the closed source product, and the open source project died/sits idle with declining interest. (The open source remains freely available, but it bears less and less resemblance to the FreePBX distro.)  The end result is a FreePBX commercial, closed source, product.  (And since Sangoma bought digium, some new Asterisk features are only finding their way into the FreePBX closed source branch).
> I only mention this because quite a few of our customers began to express an interest in FreeSWITCH because of what was happening at Sangoma. 
> Hopefully this is not a step along the same path.

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