[Freeswitch-users] Outbound event_socket memory usage

Adrien Martin a.martin at alphalink.fr
Thu Sep 30 07:51:13 UTC 2021

These are test calls from Sipp clients toward Sipp servers, the RTP does not goes through FreeSWITCH with bypass_media=true.
The SIP flow is quite simple: INVITE,180,200,ACK,BYE,200.
There is no DTMF, re-INVITE, OPTIONS.
The calls duration is set to have 1k to 10k simultaneous calls and 5 to 15 calls per second.

About the ESL program or the dialplan:
Some headers are set (caller number/name, Privacy).
A maximum duration is set with sched_hangup.
A maximum ringing duration is set with call_timeout.
Some special variables are configured (hangup_after_bridge=false, continue_on_fail=true, sip_ignore_remote_cause=true, bypass_media=true).
Then a bridge is used to forward the calls to several gateways (round-robin in the ESL program or with mod_distributor in the dialplan).
Both inbound and outbound use Sofia.

On 29/09/2021 22:42, Brian West wrote:
> What is the call doing?

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