[Freeswitch-users] iOS 15 blocking WSS login on port 8082

David P davidswalkabout at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 01:48:38 UTC 2021

When testing with an iPhone running iOS 14.8, there is no problem with
verto logging-into FS 10.5 via WSS to port 8082.

But when the same device is upgraded to iOS 15 and used in the same wifi
network hours later, verto repeatedly gets "Socket is not connected" and
there is no sign of the request in the FS log at debug level. This happens
even with a phone that is not enrolled in the new "Private Relay" feature
of iOS 15.

Anyone else seeing this? I don't see any mention on tech sites, and I
suspect it involves the port which is a default for verto.
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