[Freeswitch-users] Outbound event_socket memory usage

Adrien Martin a.martin at alphalink.fr
Mon Sep 27 13:41:51 UTC 2021


I'm currently benchmarking an ESL program that use both outbound and inbound mode and notice a quite large memory usage for the FreeSWITCH process compared to a dialplan that has similar actions (8 set (half multiset), 1 sched_hangup, 1 bridge).
The FreeSWITCH process use about 2 Mo per call and about 180 Ko without ESL.

This does not look like a leak, the memory usage is stable and proportional to the current calls, Valgrind does not show anything special either.

What was tested:
- Pure dialplan while running only the inbound ESL subscribing to some events (CHANNEL_HANGUP, CHANNEL_HANGUP_COMPLETE, CHANNEL_EXECUTE_COMPLETE, SESSION_HEARTBEAT) for all channels, inbound ESL does not increase memory consumption,
- Outbound ESL that just close the connection at the beginning of the dialplan, same memory usage as a complete ESL program,
- Outbound ESL linger set/not set, no change,
- Outbound ESL parameters async/full present or not, no change,
- Versions 1.10.5~release~17 and 1.10.6~release~18, no change.

Does this kind of resource penalty is to be expected?
What could cause these differences?
For those using outbound ESL, how much memory does your FreeSWITCH use per call?

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