mux conference video latency

Daniel Ohaniuc im2dano at
Wed Sep 1 16:10:33 UTC 2021

We notice high media latency for mux conferences with Verto clients, all muxed and displayed on the canvas. It works OK, but the latency makes is very difficult to have a real-time dialogue. This is not load related, even with only 1 caller watching himself on the canvas (the mux conference output), it takes almost 1 second to see a local move being reflected on the screen (e.g. if I raise my hand I can see it happening on the screen after almost 1 second ). This is obviously the roundtrip delay, but after discarding the intrinsic network latency (measured to be about 100 ms roundtrip) there seem to be around 800-900 ms added latency. It seems this is being introduced along the buffering/ transcoding/ muxing pipeline.Any suggestions please about what can be the cause and what we should try to reduce the latency? What sort of latency should we expect, what's your experience, has anyone deployed a video conferencing with acceptable latency for bidirectional, real time conversations? Thanks!

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