[Freeswitch-users] Setting Contact Header in Register

Peter Steinbach lists at telefaks.de
Tue Jun 29 15:50:57 UTC 2021


for a german SIP provider, I need to send the contact header in the
Register request the following way:

Contact: <sip:012345678 at xx.yy.zz.aa:5080>

with 012345678 as the registered SIP trunk number

Today we send:

Contact: <sip:gw+dtst at xx.yy.zz.aa:5080;transport=udp;gw=dtst>

which is not accepted by them. The reason is: They filter SIP packets by
their phone numbers in the contact header for security reasons.

So my question is: Is there a way to set the desired behaviour in the
Register request:

Contact: <sip:012345678 at xx.yy.zz.aa:5080>

With kind regards
Peter Steinbach 

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