[Freeswitch-users] Amazon EC2 Instances - Freeswitch

HS bullehs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 12:43:36 UTC 2021

My turn to help this time.

So I followed the following tutorial on one instance of Amazon EC2 and
Opensips 3.0 (+RTPProxy):


There were some changes in the .cfg file - which I did over come (or so I
think). The second was an error that showed up in the xml_handler.lua file.

Calls get to an IVR, however, I did have the following issues (and remain

1. IVR/calls to Freeswitch disconnect after 30-32s.
2. Unsure if users are being pulled from the database or the profiles.
3. DTMF input isn't working (system doesn't respond to input.)

Hope that helps and maybe someone has a solution.

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