[Freeswitch-users] Issue with BLF and shared line Indications

Peter Steinbach lists at telefaks.de
Tue Jul 6 20:35:56 UTC 2021

We had the same problem

it seems to be related to

https://github.com/signalwire/freeswitch/issues/1180 "Internal Interface
suddenly freezes"

I have the feeling that lot's of presence messages make internal profile
stuck. This happens under high load with a lot of presence involved.
Suddenly Freeswitch internal profile stops responding and after a while
(some minutes) it responds again. During that time, no register requests
are answered at all. Only a few XML-Curl requests are sent to the
server, but they do not contain the user info (which are needed for
registrations) and are related to mod_voicemail.c etc.

Looking at your problem: Sometimes, even long before the above happens,
some presence messages get lost. Not all of them, but a high percentage.

The above github link shows an enhancement (better sql query) in the
presence module, which fixed this for us.

Before that, we made a process, which captured the SIP NOTIFY packages
for "BLF up" statements and resent them via ESL. This also worked pretty
well as a workaround.

Best regards


Am 23.06.21 um 01:17 schrieb Kunal Mittal:
> Looking for some help with BLF in Freeswitch. Randomly for few users
> BLF indicator for parking and shared lines stops working.
> Rebooting the phone fixes the problems for some time and then again it
> stops working.
> We have FS 1.10.6
> Approx. 500 Users Registered (most of them registered remotely from
> different networks)
> 1000 Contacts (Multiple registrations) Using Call Parking and Shared
> lines, most phones subscribe for BLF to monitor the calls on shared
> line or parked calls.
> System Details: VM with 12 GB Ram and 8 Core CPU. Using Postgres for
> Core Data and profiles.
> Max 40-50 calls.
> Sometimes I notice high CPU on this server, while on other servers
> with no shared lines and no BLF, Virtual machines handles 100+ calls
> and 700 users. Anyone could provide any suggestions/hints to help
> troubleshoot this. Is this too much for one server to handle? Is BLF
> too complicated?
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