[Freeswitch-users] Multi-homed box - strange NAT question

Jim Miller jmiller at wndswp.net
Thu Jan 28 21:53:21 UTC 2021


Not sure I 100% follow.  The clients are on the same /24 as the
"internal" profile interface is on.  The only thing is they are behind a

What led me to this was I had a previous configuration whereby the
internal and external profiles were on the same interface IP. When the
clients connected to the internal profile via an totally different
public IP, but also behind a NAT it worked (registrations showed fs_nat
and a fs_path properly).  However, for this configuration when I put the
clients on a NAT that was on the same subnet as the internal and
external shared IP it wouldn't work.  I thought maybe this was an issue
with the profiles sharing the same IP.  Thus I split it to the
configuration I documented below.  It makes me think that the NAT issue
is related to the fact that the profile IP is on the same subnet as the


On 1/28/21 10:51 AM, Brian West wrote:
> You will require one profile per nat interface, you can't cross
> profiles between transit providers without it.
> /b
> On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 7:25 AM Jim Miller <jmiller at wndswp.net
> <mailto:jmiller at wndswp.net>> wrote:
>     Hi Folks
>     I'm running FreeSWITCH Version 1.10.3-release~64bit (-release
>     64bit) on
>     a FreeBSD 12.1 box.
>     The issue I'm having is related to NAT, I'm sure no one has ever
>     seen a
>     post on this topic....
>     My configuration is a box that is multi homed with an Internet facing
>     interface and a private IP LAN interface.  The clients (Polycoms)
>     are on
>     the private LAN interface but behind a NAT (pfsense) on this
>     subnet.  If
>     I have the clients route directly to the FS box's private LAN without
>     NAT I can make this work but as soon as I NAT them (which I need
>     to for
>     other reasons) I don't see the registrations show up with fs_path
>     or the
>     other variables like I might expect.
>     I've fiddled with the apply-nat-acl variable to no avail. 
>     Thoughts?
>     Thanks
>     Jim
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