[Freeswitch-users] Audio distortion on calls / streaming wav

Sam van Herwaarden svanherwaarden at precisionag.org
Tue May 26 15:34:15 UTC 2020


I'm getting some distortion on calls with FreeSWITCH. This is when using
the playback command to stream wav. I'm not really sure how to diagnose the
issue - I have noticed it both when running FreeSWITCH on my laptop and
connecting over SIP from my smartphone on my home network, and have reports
that it happens when running on a server on a PRI line using a Sangoma A104
card. The distortions are a sort of crackling or noise, or audio breaking
up a bit (they are not present in the source files).

How can I approach debugging this? What are typical causes?

Related question (as this might have to do with hardware but I'm not sure)
- are there any guidelines to be found on how to choose hardware for a
system streaming wav files using FreeSWITCH on many (up to 1500) channels
at the same time? It seems like this might be a pretty heavy workload and
I'm wondering how to do this in a way that ensures availability and quality.

Kind regards,
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