[Freeswitch-users] mod_xml_cdr - attended transfer

Gregor Nanger gregor at infomedia.si
Thu May 21 21:51:55 UTC 2020


I found some bug in mod_xml_cdr module. Hard to explain, so let's describe

1. Inbound call to extension
2. extension do attended transfer to external number
3. external number picks up call
4.  extension end call
5. inbound leg and external leg are connected

This is everything ok. FS does as it should.

But when all calls end, I get CDR post to web server only for legs from
point 2 upward. I am missing main CDR post, where it is <applog> etc...  I
get only clone-of flows of main leg, but no CDR of main leg. Theoretically,
I should CDR for leg in step 1, for leg in step 2 and for leg in step 5.
So, I am missing CDR post for step 1.

Interesting is that if in step 4., if external number ends call, extension
is connected back to inbound leg and also I get all CDR posts.

Hope you understand what I mean. Does anyone handle CDR with attended

BR, Gregor
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