[Freeswitch-users] Switching voice for mod_say_en per caller?

Avi Marcus avi at avimarcus.net
Mon May 4 20:25:36 UTC 2020

To switch the default sound path and audio for both playback and mod_say_X,
it seems you modify 2 things:

<X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="set" data="sound_prefix=$${sounds_dir}/en/us/callie"/>
<X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="set" data="default_language=en"/>

But I'm trying to test a new english voice (amazon's neural Matthew,
digits/ivr/currency available here

Changing the sounds_prefix worked for the audio files, but not for
I found that if I modified /usr/share/freeswitch/lang/en/en.xml:
<language name="en" say-module="en" sound-prefix="*$${sound_prefix}*"
tts-engine="cepstral" tts-voice="callie">
... to not evaluate on startup/original, but the current value, then it
<language name="en" say-module="en" sound-prefix="*${sound_prefix}*"
tts-engine="cepstral" tts-voice="callie">

But now I'm getting this error anytime I use mod_say_en -- even though it's
EXECUTE sofia/internal/1000 at YYYY  say(en NUMBER ITERATED 1000)
2020-05-04 20:19:28.963796 [CRIT] switch_channel.c:1436 Invalid data
(${sound_prefix} contains a variable)

Is this a mistaken error? Was I supposed to modify this somehow else?

-Avi Marcus
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