[Freeswitch-users] Mod_conference with many participants. Question for experts

Gilles SAUVAIRE Gilles at Sauvaire.com
Sun Mar 29 07:06:49 UTC 2020


I am making a conference with 100 participants, on an 8-core server, 16
gigabytes of ram dedicated to my freeswitch.
98 participant are in mute mode and only two participant active.

8 times out of 10 the conference does not work. (very poor quality hatched
2 times out of 10 the conference works for a few minutes then becomes
unstable. (very poor quality hatched audio)

A htop at that time shows that all the cores are used but not more than 30%.
There is also plenty of memory available on the server.

    <profile name = "000">
      <param name = "domain" value = "$$ {domain}" />
      <param name = "rate" value = "8000" />
      <param name = "interval" value = "20" />
      <param name = "caller-controls" value = "none" />
      <param name = "moderator-controls" value = "none" />
      <param name = "moh-sound" value = "silence" />
      <param name = "suppress-events" value = "start-talking, stop-talking"

      <! - Energy level required for audio to be sent to the other users ->
      <param name = "energy-level" value = "100" />
      <param name = "comfort-noise" value = "0" />
      <param name = "conference-flags" value = "audio-always" />


I have already found a solution, just put interval at 60.
      <param name = "interval" value = "60" />
With this the conference with 100 participants and only 2 active works.

I have many qustions

It's strange, the conference with all the members in mute attribute,
shouldn't it normally do nothing?
Mute members should be transparent when it comes to mixing, is that just
( conference data = 66123 at 000++flags{endconf|nomoh|mute} )
Did I make a mistake in my profile? Is it normal ?

Is there an easier way to broadcast?
That is, a call that "talks" to 90 calls?
My idea is to make a conference with 2 or 3 participants and to broadcast
this conference to all the other participants since he is not speaking.

many thanks to you for your advice and ideas.


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