[Freeswitch-users] Gist repo to package mod_av.so on CentOS 7 announcement

Richard Chan shihping.chan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 03:05:48 UTC 2020

Hello list,

Background: my most desired module for CentOS 7 is mod_av.so

1. I am announcing a gist-repo, for doing an out-of-repo package for
mod_av.so for CentOS 7, based on the official freeswitch-devel.

2. mod_av.so is not packaged as CentOS 7 does not have ffmpeg. You need to
wrangle your own  ffmpeg-devel, e.g. from RPMFusion

3. With ffmpeg-devel installed and this gist repo, you can package
mod_av.so without rebuilding the gigantic FreeSWITCH src.rpm.

Essentially, all the libtool (gcc, ld) statements for mod_av.so have been
extracted from a full build and put inside this Makefile. The compiler and
linker flags are consistent with those from the FreeSWITCH spec file.

4. IMPORTANT: this gist repo does not distribute source. You must still
obtain avcodec.c  avformat.c  mod_av.c  mod_av.h from the tarball or

All comments welcome.

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