[Freeswitch-users] Announcing pure Python3 ESL native async rewrite of GreenSWITCH

Richard Chan shihping.chan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 15:26:40 UTC 2020

Hi list,

You may be aware of the Python ESL library GreenSWITCH here:

It uses greenlets/gevent for async'ness.

I would like to present a rewrite of GreenSWITCH in Python3 using native
async/await (no more greenlets/gevent). Trio is chosen as the coroutine


This is a fork of GreenSWITCH, and the rewrite is being done on the
aioswitch-dev branch.  BTW all the heavy lifting was done by GreenSWITCH,
and I am using trio to replace all the async IO handling.  So far the
rewrite should be functionally equivalent but has fixed JSON event handling.

Like GreenSWITCH this library does not depend on the SWIG C extension.

All comments welcome.

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