[Freeswitch-users] WebRTC STUN request for a SIP profile is not working

Alexander Haugg Alexander.Haugg at c4b.de
Thu Jan 9 07:17:04 UTC 2020


I’d read the manuals and configure my sofia profile to work with the external IP in the ext-rtp-ip setting.
<param name="stun-enabled" value="true"/>
<param name="stun-auto-disable" value="false"/>
<param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="stun:stun.freeswitch.org" />

The Freeswitch is started with the parameter –nonat
In the pcap trace is no STUN request visible.
I try to restart the Freeswitch, restart the profile, do an outbound call, but there is no STUN request.
If I try to get my external IP via the CLI cmd “stun stun.freeswitch.org”, then works it successfully.

The status output of the profile is:
Name                                SBC2_B2Bua
Domain Name                 N/A
Auto-NAT                         false
DBName                           sofia_reg_SBC2_B2Bua
Pres Hosts
Dialplan                            XML
Context                            SBC2_SP_outbound
Challenge Realm             auto_to
RTP-IP                               MY_LOCAL_IP
Ext-RTP-IP                        stun:stun.freeswitch.org
SIP-IP                                MY_LOCAL_IP
Ext-SIP-IP                         MY_LOCAL_IP
URL                                   sip:mod_sofia at MY_LOCAL_IP:4901
BIND-URL                  sip:mod_sofia at MY_LOCAL_IP:4901;maddr=MY_LOCAL_IP;transport=udp,tcp
HOLD-MUSIC                   local_stream://moh
CODECS IN                       OPUS,PCMU,PCMA,VP8
CODECS OUT                   OPUS,PCMU,PCMA,VP8
TEL-EVENT                       98
DTMF-MODE                   rfc2833
CNG                                  13
SESSION-TO                     0
MAX-DIALOG                   0
NOMEDIA                        false
LATE-NEG                         true
PROXY-MEDIA                 false
ZRTP-PASSTHRU             false
AGGRESSIVENAT           false
CALLS-IN                           0
FAILED-CALLS-IN             0
CALLS-OUT                       0
REGISTRATIONS              0

Thanks a lot!!!

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