[Freeswitch-users] [Issue with setting variable while bridge/transfer]

Bilal Abbasi bilaln018 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 14:16:22 UTC 2020

Hi Users,
I have a switch where people are calling and they press 1 to get
transferred to client's DID.
I need to have stats for live total calls on my switch along with calls
that are transferred(realtime stats).
I am doing following commands to get the live total calls.(basically
increasing variable ${CampaignId}_live on getting call and on hangup i
decrement that variable).
<action application="set" data="ignore=${memcache(increment
${CampaignId}_live 1)}"/>
<action application="set" data="api_hangup_hook=memcache decrement
${CampaignId}_live 1"/>

I am doing this while i transfer the calls to client's number(basically
increasing variable ${CampaignId}_transfer on when somebody presses
transfer button and on hangup i decrement that variable).
<action application="bridge" data="{api_hangup_hook='memcache decrement
${CampaignId}_transfer 1 both',ignore='${memcache(increment

Now i have live calls stats coming correctly.
But in case of transfer calls, when i have low number of calls(like 3-4
calls) it works good, but when i have 50-60 calls the stats are not
presented correctly(it does not increase/decrease memcache variable).

Can someone guide me how to do this in a better way?, or what mistake i am
making in doing it.

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