[Freeswitch-users] bypass media and session timers

Sandro Bordacchini sandro.bordacchini at nems.it
Fri Feb 14 13:37:27 UTC 2020

Hello everyone.

I have troubles to make these two features work together.
I experienced this on a 1.6 version with NAT at the far-end, but i tried it
in a simpler and more up-to-date scenario (LAN and 1.10) and i still have
the same problem.

I have a simple call between two sip phones, with bypass media set to true.
At first, session-timer reINVITEs are sent correctly.
If a phone does something like a hold-unhold or a blind transfer, the
following session-timer reINVITEs are sent without any SDP from FS (i.e. no
sdp in invite from fs, sdp in 200 ok from phone, no sdp in ack from fs).

Doing some search on the mailing list, I came across a post on this ml
dated Jan 28th, 2011 where Mr. Minessale stated that, since session-timer
code is in sofia libraries and bypass media is in freeswitch, it might be
not easy to have them working together. Have I understood correctly and is
this still true?
Unfortunately the proposed workaround did not work for me.

Do you have any suggestions for me to have a configuration working with
these two features enabled and correctly working?
I would be able also to start call with bypass_media = false and then use
an uuid_media off command to detach FS, but also this approach did not come
out as a working solution.

I am able to provide network dump and console log if needed.

Thank you a lot in advance.
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