[Freeswitch-users] mod_portaudio on Raspberry Pi currently broken?

Tazari, Mohammad Reza saied.tazari at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 01:37:16 UTC 2020

Tom, other interested people,

I finally got it working on a raspberry pi-4 with buster lite, mostly 
thanks to the following articles:


The exact reproducible  steps have been:

 1. Started on the basis of

    + my FreeSwitch installation based on instructions under

 2. *_sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get install -y bluealsa_

 3. _*sudo vi /lib/systemd/system/bluealsa.service*_
    --> substituted ExecStart=/usr/bin/bluealsa with
        ExecStart=/usr/bin/bluealsa -p hfp-hf -p hsp-hs -p hfp-ag -p
    hsp-ag -p a2dp-source -p a2dp-sink

 4. _*sudo vi /lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service*_
    --> Added--noplugin=sapto the end of the following line

 5. _*sudo vi /lib/systemd/system/bthelper at .service*_
    --> AddedExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 2in a new line after

 6. Created a new file by _*sudo vi /etc/asound.conf*_ and added the
    following as its sole content (if you know the MAC address of your
    Bluetooth device, substitute it already now; otherwise you can
    change it also later in step 9):
    pcm.btAudioIO {
             type asym
             playback.pcm {
                     type plug
                     slave.pcm {
                             type bluealsa
                             service "org.bluealsa"
                             device "00:11:09:94:14:3D"
                             profile "a2dp"
                             delay 10000
             capture.pcm {
                     type plug
                     slave.pcm {
                             type bluealsa
                             service "org.bluealsa"
                             device "00:11:09:94:14:3D"
                             profile "sco"
                             delay 10000
             hint {
                     show on
                     description "Bluetooth Audio Input/Output Dvice"

 7. *sudo adduser freeswitch audio
    sudo adduser ***freeswitch *bluetooth
    sudo reboot
 8. After reboot, run _*sudo bluetoothctl*_and then find, pair, connect
    and trust your Bluetooth device with the following control commands
    of this program:
    *agent on
    scan on*
    ****<-- find the MAC address of your device in the scan outputs**
    *pair 50:11:2D:06:ED:2F
    ****scan off
    **connect 50:11:2D:06:ED:2F
    trust 50:11:2D:06:ED:2F
    *--> from now on, your device should automatically reconnect to the
    pi each time after the pi is rebooted; if, however, this is not the
    case, you will have to redo this step after each reboot.

 9. In this example, the device that I have paired and trusted has a
    different MAC address as the one in /etc/asound.conf; therefore we
    must edit the file and set the right MAC address. If you already had
    the right MAC address, you may go to the next step without reboot;
    but, if you had to change the file /etc/asound.conf, then you will
    have to reboot before going to the next step.

10. Test your device with the following two commands (five seconds
    *arecord -D btAudioIO -d 5 test.wav
    aplay ***-D btAudioIO test.wav
11. Assuming that the above test is successful, you now
    - edit <FreeSwitch-Config-Home>/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml
    and un-comment the loading of mod_portaudio
    - edit <FreeSwitch-Config-Home>/autoload_configs/portaudio.conf.xml
    and substitute the whole content with the following new content:
    <configuration name="portaudio.conf" description="Soundcard Endpoint">
         <param name="indev" value="btAudioIO"/>
         <param name="outdev" value="btAudioIO"/>
         <param name="ringdev" value="btAudioIO"/>
         <param name="hold-file" value="$${hold_music}"/>
         <param name="dialplan" value="XML"/>
         <param name="cid-name" value="$${outbound_caller_name}"/>
         <param name="cid-num" value="$${outbound_caller_id}"/>
         <param name="sample-rate" value="48000"/>
         <param name="codec-ms" value="20"/>

12. In my case, I didn't need to do anything for dial plans because in
    my system both the in- and outbound calls are first handled by my
    python scripts; in particular, the BT handsfree device is never
    supposed to make calls but is called for making announcements or
    invited to a running call as the third leg. So far, I was using an
    IP telephone with auto-answering capability as extension 000 of my
    FreeSwitch for this purpose. To substitute that phone with the BT
    handsfree device, I just needed to update my related python script
    with the following command:
    *sudo sed -i 's#user/000@[0-9.]+#portaudio/auto_answer#g' dial.py*

After a reboot, after which also FreeSwitch and my application start, 
everything was working for me just fine :-)


-- Saied


Re: [Freeswitch-users] mod_portaudio on Raspberry Pi currently broken?
Tom Lynn <tom at tomlynn.com>
27-Jul-20, 07:56

FreeSWITCH Users Help <freeswitch-users at lists.freeswitch.org>

I'm in the same boat with portaudio when it's started with systemd.  
When I disable it as a service and start it from the command line, pa 
devlist does return a list of devices.  Still workingon getting a call 
from portaudio to a station and vice versa.  Calling a station from 
portaudio device goes to voicemail and in reverse direction I never get 
a ring indication, just music on hold.

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 8:21 PM saiedt <saied.tazari at gmail.com 
<mailto:saied.tazari at gmail.com>> wrote:
Lesley Pervis wrote
 > Sorry for the spam, but I thought I'd mention that I can aplay no problem
 > from the command line as the 'freeswitch' user, and yet when FS is 
 > as that user, no luck.

Exactly seven years after your last post here, I'm there to ask if you
finally succeeded to resolve the issue?
My case:

1. Pi-4 with Raspbian buster und latest related FreeSwitch distribution,
apt-upgraded and updated just yesterday

2. aplay is working both with the audio jack and with bluetooth (although
not simultaneously: as soon as I have a bluetooth audio connection, the
audio jack stops to work, and I cannot switch back to it with "amixer cset
numid=3 1", but aplay can continue to use the bluetooth connection again
after I issue "amixer cset numid=3 65536")

3. it seems that I do not have any permission issue as both pi and
freeswitch are in the audio group and related devices under /dev/snd are in
that group

4. I have already installed alsaoss, libasound2 and libasound2-dev

5. The output of "pa rescan" in fs_cli is the following:

2020-06-19 06:55:18.803478 [INFO] mod_portaudio.c:3186 Looking for new
2020-06-19 06:55:18.803478 [INFO] mod_portaudio.c:2102 PortAudio version
number = 1246720
PortAudio version text = 'PortAudio V19.6.0-devel, revision
2020-06-19 06:55:18.943433 [DEBUG] mod_portaudio.c:1773 global indev [-1]
2020-06-19 06:55:18.943433 [ERR] mod_portaudio.c:1777 Cannot find an input
2020-06-19 06:55:18.943433 [DEBUG] mod_portaudio.c:1786 global outdev [-1]
2020-06-19 06:55:18.943433 [ERR] mod_portaudio.c:1790 Cannot find an output
2020-06-19 06:55:18.943433 [INFO] mod_portaudio.c:2125 Number of devices = 0

Any clue, what could be wrong on my side?


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