[Freeswitch-users] Help setting up external profile for registrations

Jungle Boogie jungleboogie0 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 07:54:11 UTC 2020


Problem I want to solve:
Allow internal registrations to FreeSWITCH behind NAT AND for external 
authenticated registrations to FreeSWITCH.

I think this means using two different profiles. I'm using the default 
one and one I've called "outside".

There's a page that touches on the second half but I need a bit more 
help with it.

There's basically three changes I've made:
created a new sip_profile;
created a new directory called outside.xml;
created a new dialplan called outside.xml

sip_profile changes for external5090.xml (like suggested on the page):
1. Deleted gateway registrations
2. updated sip-port to 5090
3. Updated the context to a new one "outside"

1. Use domain sip.example.com
2. Use group name outside
3. Create a user and put it at directory/outside/ with the user_context 
of outside

1. Use context name ouside

The problem:
User 2602 can register to sip.example.com:5090 and dial 3500 user 2600 
can register on the LAN and call 3500.
Both have bidirectional audio.

If user 2602 calls user 2600, the phone immediately disconnects on 
answer on 2600 end, and no audio is heard.
A 481 Call Does Not Exist is generated and I don't know why.

SIP trace here: https://pastiebin.com/5f38e341e3fd8

Another thing I noticed is sofia status says sip.example.com is an alias 
for internal. Is that right?


Thanks for any pointers,

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