[Freeswitch-users] First steps and outbound calls

John Tuxies atuxnull at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 11:14:06 UTC 2020

I am looking for outbound calls and i am stuck with it on how to place
outgoing calls.
In the /sip_profiles/external there is an xml with the sip trunk
provider_A .xml and i can see it registered 👍. The provider_A has a range
of DIDs 00302109065730-9
In the /dialplan/public i have created one xml for each DID to route to
particular extension 👍 . When someone calls one of the DIDs it goes to the
assigned extension.
I would like to place outgoing calls and when each extension places an
outgoing call to show its DID, as in
1000 as 2109065730...1009 as 2109065739. All other extensions without DID,
to show the default number (2109065730)
I would like to have a prefix of 0 for the outgoing calls at the moment i
would like to allow only the following numbering plans
2XXXXXXXXX (10digits) national landline
69XXXXXXXX (10digits) national mobile
800XXXXXXX (10digits) national Freephones
801XXXXXXX (10digits) national  local charge
1XX emergency calls
1XXX Special services
1XXXX Special services

Thanks in advance
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