[Freeswitch-users] Use the From instead of P-Asserted-Identity

Marcel Haldemann marcel.haldemann at convercom.ch
Wed Oct 30 10:55:48 UTC 2019

What u can in the dialplan is ...:

<action application="export" data="sip_cid_type=none"/>
<action application="export" data="sip_from_uri=${sip_from_user}@${network_addr}"/>

... to overwrite the from uri of the b-leg with the from_uri from the a-leg, if this is waht u want.

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No one has an idea on that? Thanks.



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I have a call scenario with From + P-Asserted-Identity. I would like to give precedence on From. I configured the caller-id-in-from to True for this gateway and force on leg B sip_cid_type to none in the dialplan.
I have tried some others combinations, but each time the PAI is inserted into the From header on the leg B.

Any idea of the right way to do this?


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