[Freeswitch-users] BLF missing NOTIFY Error?

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Thu Oct 24 19:50:38 UTC 2019


I have been working with the engineers at Fanvil (China) on a problem.  Their English is just slightly better than my Mandarin. Their diagnosis is that this is a FreeSwitch error (of course).

Here is the scenario:
Ext 220 (Fanvil) has a BLF button/lamp for ext 225 (any sip phone).
Things work as expected for incoming call to 225 (blink), 225 on call (solid), 225 hang up (off).

The single item that fails is when 225 calls 220. When the call end 220's BLA for 225 stays on solid.  Note that the other direction works fine (220 to 225). Fanvil says there should be a notify after the hangup when 225 calls 220 (monitoring 225). I have verified with wireshark that the is not one.  I don't know if there should be.

Would someone more knowledgeable than I care to weigh in? Do I need to learn how to do an actual JIRA?

WireShark files attached. Let me know if there is another way to share them.
"worked.dmp" is 220=>225
"error" is 225=>220

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