[Freeswitch-users] Choppy audio calling verto conference from MacOS

Ivan C Myrvold ivan at myrvold.org
Sun Oct 20 06:53:57 UTC 2019

I have installed FreeSWITCH on a Debian 10 server on DigitalOcean, and then followed the instructions to install Verto.
When I call the conference extension 3500 from a Chrome browser on my Mac, the video quality is very good, bt the audio quality is terrible, very choppy.
Is this a problem on the client side (Mac) or server side (Debian)?

Here is a log output I see, if that help:
2019-10-20 04:54:31.671959 [DEBUG] mod_verto.c:607 WRITE [{
	"jsonrpc":	"2.0",
	"id":	49,
	"method":	"verto.event",
	"params":	{
		"data":	{
			"action":	"modify",
			"name":	"3500",
			"hashKey":	"e51a8db2-3c54-257d-a3a1-15a0e097d5d2",
			"wireSerno":	49,
			"data":	["0001", "1008", "FreeSWITCH User", "opus at 48000", "{\"audio\":{\"muted\":false,\"deaf\":false,\"onHold\":false,\"talking\":false,\"floor\":true,\"energyScore\":3},\"video\":{\"visible\":true,\"videoOnly\":false,\"avatarPresented\":false,\"mediaFlow\":\"sendRecv\",\"muted\":false,\"floor\":true,\"reservationID\":null,\"roleID\":null,\"videoLayerID\":0,\"canvasID\":0,\"watchingCanvasID\":0},\"oldStatus\":\"FLOOR VIDEO (FLOOR)\"}", {
				}, null]
		"eventChannel":	"conference-liveArray.3500 at",
		"eventSerno":	44

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