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Sun Oct 13 05:35:58 UTC 2019

Hi to all,
I have recently focused more on FS different configurations and some configuration methods raised this question to me that how FS is scalable, or it can be scalable independently without using proxy servers like OpenSIPS/Kamailio?!
I am going to use FS as voicemail service for 50K users. But there are some concern for me:1- xml curl: 
As I found, the only method for central, shared and real time config is xml curl. We are using it in lab without any problem, but my concern is when we have 50K users, for each one, FS fetches config from curl server? Is it a good solution that each time you bring all configs from web app to FS?(I am not sure that FS curl does this or not, please correct me if it is working in another way)
2-Internal DB: 
When you want to have a batch of FS servers with sync configs, what method would be suggested? if you centralize all internal DB in one point, I think it's not robust as it should be, as for each inquiry, you should send request over network and it is more critical when you are serving multi regions.This concern comes from VM password changing!
Please advise me and share your experiences.
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