[Freeswitch-users] SIP over WSS responding with 5060; transport=udp in Contact:

Ciprian Dosoftei ciprian.dosoftei at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 20:28:51 UTC 2019

Nathan --

> So this is a know issue?
> We are using SIP.js on the web side and Libre SIP stack for iOS and
Android, both have issues with this bug

I am not sure whether the observed behaviour is an issue per se; FreeSWITCH
itself considers the presented endpoint (the UDP one) as legitimate as it
definitely listens to requests, it could eventually honour, on the provided
host:port combination.

This is likely a matter of semantics, but I think the RFC might favour the
current behaviour since the Contact endpoint is expected to be global (i.e.
function outside of the current dialog).

Back to the matter at hand, when terminating call that's ringing, the
CANCEL is properly handled by the server when dispatched over the existing
websocket connection; I've tested this with a default FS install and a
slightly modified version of the sip.js demo here:

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