[Freeswitch-users] bgsystem call

Ruslan Shevchenko ruslan at shevchenko.kiev.ua
Fri Nov 22 07:50:29 UTC 2019

Hi, I try to use 'bgsystem' call from mod_dptools  API.   With the next two
entries in dialplan, I guess, the session should wait until calling party
stop call:

<action application=“bgsystem” data=” …. “>
<action aapplication=“playback” data=“silence_stream://-1 >

But looks, like the session, endsed immediately after the process, spawned
by bgsystem, finished (and before we receive result).

Also, looks like the help page on the wiki (about the possibility to return
data from bgsystem:
 is incorrect, it is impossible to receive output in channel variable, as I
can understand.

Is handling session is expected behavior ?   Maybe exists some way to
handle events from bgprocess ?

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