[Freeswitch-users] presence_id in dial-string is not behaving correctly

Michael Avers michael at mailworks.org
Thu Nov 14 04:31:49 UTC 2019


We have a need to set presence_id to an extension different than the one being dialed. We do this in the dial-string of the dialed extension:

Say dialed_user is 3005, we set presence_id to be for 3001 with this dial-string:


When 3005 is dialed, 3001's presence indicator on the phones (in this case Yealink) does indeed behave correctly, that is until an answered call is hung up - in that case the presence is not cleared and the BLF subscription for 3001 at domain remains lit up.

Anyone seen this behavior before? Is there a better way to set a custom presence_id for extensions?

This was tested on FS 1.6.20 as well as latest master just now.

Thank you,
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