[Freeswitch-users] Set RFC2833 PT on b-leg?

Marcel Haldemann marcel.haldemann at convercom.ch
Fri May 24 09:04:49 UTC 2019

Hi Guys,

I'm Looking for a possibility to set the payload type for "DTMF via RFC2833" on the b-leg (bridge) per Call.
Overwriting the "rfc2833-pt" setting from the Outbound profile.

I can't find any variable doing this. I tried to export "rfc2833_pt" on a call, once with "rfc2833-pt" set to "101" in the profile and once without setting the "rfc2833-pt" parameter at all.
If "rfc2833-pt" is not set in the profile FreeSwitch just defaults to 101 rather than taking it from the a-leg (what I was hoping for).

A variable to instruct Freeswitch to take the same "RFC2833 Payload type" on the B-Leg (bridge) as on the a-leg would also be fine, as this is finally the goal.

The reason I need this is:

We found that if we use Bypass_media_after_brdige with bypass_media_after_bridge_oldscool
and the a-leg uses RFC2833 DTMF with any other payload type than 101, DTMFs don't work after the reInvite. (we have to use oldscool as the not oldscool one isn't working, because the SoftSwitch isn't fetching the sdp and sending it to the end device and not all end-devices handle this properly)

For tests we then changed the "rfc2833-pt" to always the value we knew the call will have as pt 96, 100, ...
Then all worked fine.

The best solution would be to have a variable doing: "useSamePayloadTypeForRfc2833OnBrdige" = "true". Is there any such variable ?

The second best Solution would be to parse it out of the m_sdp variable and then have a variable "rfc2833_pt" = "xxx" (using the "export" application to set it on b-leg (bridge)). Is there any such variable ?

The only current possible solution I could think is to make Outpundprofiles for all possible PaylaodTypes 96-127 and maybe call them "Outbound96" - "Outbound127", parse the PT from m_sdp and use the proper profile. But this is very ugly :o

Any other solutions/suggestions ?

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