[Freeswitch-users] Detecting if a call was a fax call after hangup

Erkan DurmuĊŸ derkan at gmail.com
Thu May 23 08:51:54 UTC 2019

I have an extension that should get fax calls only. I do not want to use
`tone_detect` or `spandsp_start_fax_detect` apps as they not provide fax
tone to caller while detecting, which doesn't let caller that it is a fax
line. So directly `rx_fax` runs for these fax lines providing fax signal
into call.

Without pre-detection, when call fails, I want distinguish whether the
remote caller was a user or a fax machine. Is it possible to check if call
was really from a fax machine by reading some spandsp session variables, or
other variables? So I'll be sure that that was a fax call and failed. (I've
already compaired spandsp variables with a failed fax call and a user call
but not helped)

Thanks in advance.
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