[Freeswitch-users] Shared Lines not working on 1.8

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Tue May 21 02:52:42 UTC 2019

And the winner is ….  BRIAN WEST of course. presence_id before or in the bridge solved the multiple login issue.  I was expecting the final solution to show multiple registrations in FS "show registrations", it does not.

Thank you all for you help.  I have been very stressed over this and your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Brian - I looked for a wish list on Amazon, but there are 15 pages of Brian West wish lists.  Can you help me narrow that down?

Here is my review and current understanding for future reference.  Some of this may be unnecessary or even wrong, but I got the functionality I need.

I honestly can’t tell if 
	<param name="multiple-registrations" value="true"/> or 
     	<param name="multiple-registrations" value="contact"/>
Makes a difference, but I have it set to contact.

I have marked the directory extension with:
	<param name="manage-shared-appearance" value-="true" />  (for my final solution for this nutjob customer)
	<param name="multiple-registrations" value="true"/>

I have 2 Cisco SPA504G phones configured for SHARED LINE APPEARANCE. The status on the phones shows registered.  However, fs_cli "show registrations" only shows 1 phone at a time and switches depending on which registered last.

If you ignore that oddity and add presence_id to the dialplan (or in the bridge string) both phones ring. 
        <action application="bridge" data="{presence_id=$1@${dialed_domain}}${sofia_contact($1@${dialed_domain})}"  />	

That solves the problem for multiple registrations and ringing multiple phones on a single registration.  It is however, identical to having 2 private extensions with their own  registrations (ext numbers) and just bridging to both in the dialplan.

My problem was more complex.  My customer wants the call to stay visible on both phones and pick it up from either phone if placed on hold.

CISCO SPA500 PHONES TO THE RESCUE. (I suspect most brand phones can do this, but I know my CISCO's better than any other).
Cisco phone's "line" buttons can be extension appearances or "function buttons" like Busy Lamp Field and Call Pickup. With these both enabled, the call appearance button on the 2nd phone always match the primary phone exactly. The second phone can "CP" call pickup the extension if the other phone placed it on hold.  The CISCO function string looks like this:     fnc=blf+cp;sub=200@$proxy where 200 is the extension to watch/pickup. One restriction is you cannot press that function button to get a dial-tone.  My customer's just pickup and dial anyway, they do not select a line.

My final solution is:
	Phone 1 with ext 201 on first button (label "Line 1") and fnc=blf+cp;sub=202@$proxy  (label "Line 2")
	Phone 2 with ext 202 on first button (also label "Line 1") and fnc=blf+cp;sub=201@$proxy  (also label "Line 2")
I realize the Line 1 and Line 2 are swapped on the 2 phones, but they will not!
Then I adjust the dialplan to ring both 201 and 202 for incoming calls.
One oddity is both line buttons will flash on both phones for incoming calls.

Thanks again to all who replied.

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