[Freeswitch-users] FYI: fs 1.10 incompatible config change PGSQL

Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 15:31:31 UTC 2019

Ye People:

because now Fs1.10 packages are installed also if you still use the 1.8
repo, you better aware of an incompatible change:

pgsql is no more in core, but in aptly named mod_pgsql.

You MUST NOT load mod_pgsql in modules.conf.xml (do not work), but in a
special additional xml file, in same "autoload_configs" directory.

File name:

File content:
<configuration name="pre_load_modules.conf" description="Modules">
    <!-- Databases -->
    <!-- <load module="mod_mariadb"/> -->
    <load module="mod_pgsql"/>

Hope this help you keep your hair :)



Giovanni Maruzzelli
cell: +39 347 266 56 18
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