[Freeswitch-users] Transfer fails (does nothing) when receiving REFER message with no user in the Refer-To: URI

Ben Kaufman ben.kaufman at altigen.com
Wed Sep 12 19:08:32 UTC 2018

It's possibly the orgid.  There's also a Referred-By: header that contains a large amount of encoded (or encrypted?  It's not base 64)  data:

REFERRED-BY: <sip:sip.pstnhub.microsoft.com:5061;x-m=8:orgid:f4a7fd03-1c14-454b-b910-2e20b20b2ab7;x-t=a3217d98-07a6-45fc-8c9c-ce427f5ed8ac;x-a=qfNyIy1nfSvIYN63RNEJ1hXKpiLor84ceFqs6iAWusN3wcw5S5tDDiugmb%2b9hOLxcObLtp6oAUPkCDqTCPAGfQtCqvbDlTpTSG7YZHZCSuhvMUB%2fwYVDmbkR1COvm72MtszpjCwwBwkNFxRtJB0hsdiprRrQbvZylULQpIcLQKCxPO8U6Rah7XKM1B8hnJGC66ok3gh9yy0J0q3vCKVwC6w7yhz5PxUVswSkhjqvnXq1MRlF4hTfCIP%2f%2bz34EOQwEowWwXJftnYQkSd1K3tjT5i9VdmiZLg%2bgP0znqk%2fQadRE6QdwuABe9oSALATtl808KuviwbZG7fftIeUi4xsrVkO%2bNfwUseeK9YZ8mxUFd2oStRaGVo4ualIZztAti5rEc179dPnw6vpdZbyZMBGmYOjYB%2bN4AbzQsgXGiTMl%2b5Ujqjozeb0L2%2bx7VAoDdkfa%2buGhkFlLi%2buu3r0gEZo7vdxa44FJYyZFrRRGES1PFgkIB0egbG6HBewkI0ucggNKBlzC4r4fjD8IZVE%2bmovyD95sAehns%2bEuhXsBFek8JXI2vnVlYIYyCLNdcFTq9jyUomMze7%2bNK86UX6W6a75x20srK1f0qERu0VN2%2bVVV4P2CQuXWiyIve%2b82CEzN9T4oO8m0ZgIB3s%2fIK%2boZRDTVWZD1FJ6AdBIS8S7qi1kTmVZds45Sh97vzKHnhETYxe3XMRn78SOP9oYJgyfr814CfTC0EwQzZ8jdjVa0HsXIDu6OsT7fOAwtbdTDovntt9J>

I have a Sonus box that does handle the REFER in a manner where the INVITE to establish with this header, as well as the aforementioned x-m-8:orgid:.... parameter in the rURI, but I think carrying things over like that could be done in the dialplan (I think).  At this point, it doesn't enter the dialplan. 

Ben Kaufman
ben.kaufman at altigen.com
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AltiGen Communications, Inc.

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It’s failing due to no number to redirect to.  This orgid thing must be some info about where it is supposed to be redirected to?  This isn’t something that is currently supported, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to add it. Do you have any info about how it should be routed?  This would be something I’d be willing to entertain pull requests to add support for.


> On Sep 11, 2018, at 2:33 PM, Ben Kaufman <ben.kaufman at altigen.com> wrote:
> Setting up Freeswitch to connect to Microsoft Teams' "Direct Routing" (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/direct-routing-plan).  General call setup-teardown is successful, but I'm encountering a problem with call transfers if the transfer target is another Microsoft Teams user.
> The most immediate obvious difference between the transfer to an external party and the transfer to another Teams user is in the Refer-To header of the Refer message on the transfer event.
> In the case of transfer to an external party, the Refer-To is (phone number redacted to 555-555-1000):
>> REFER-TO: <sip:+15555551000 at sip.pstnhub.microsoft.com:5061;user=phone;transport=tls>
> In the case of transfer to another Teams user, the transfer Refer-To: header looks like this:
>> REFER-TO: <sip:sip.pstnhub.microsoft.com:5061;transport=tls;x-m=8:orgid:13bc82d9-003a-43b8-aad2-8f2f561a9b8d>
> When this occurs, the last line in the Freeswitch log for the call is:
>> [DEBUG] sofia.c:8544 Process REFER to [(null)@sip.pstnhub.microsoft.com]
> There is nothing else in the log until this times out, no indication it has entered any dialplan, etc.  Even on timeout, it is just the teams client saying that the call has failed, and unless one end hangs up, or reconnects to the failed transfer, there is no action in freeswitch.  I believe this to be a bug, but wanted to get an opinion before opening a formal bug report.

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